Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Spanish Food Link

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Which is your favourite? Why?
Which is your least favourite ? Why?
Can you complete the following phrases.

vie for.....
come.....a Spanish potato omelette
claimed ...... in
Jamón is a ....business
a....of olive oil
home...a wide variety ...

See you in class!

1 comment:

  1. - vie for something
    - come across a
    - claimed space in
    - jamon is a serious business
    - a drizzle of olive oil
    - home to a wide
    - contrast with a warm

    In my opinion, Spain has a lot of gastronomic culture, you can enjoy a huge range of traditional dishes.
    My favourite recipe is the tortilla española, I love tasting this dish in all bars and then I choose the best. For me, my mother makes the best tortilla in the world.
    My least favourite is the bean stew because this dish is very fatty and difficult to digest. But I usually eat it when I visit my family in the north of Spain.