Thursday, 13 February 2014

Fab web article about travel

Click here

Howabout reading it and leaving a comment  below. Tell me which is your favourite and why...


  1. For me the best is the last one "Travel by horse and cart, Myanmar/Burma". Probably the other options offer more beautiful places but I read that you need some experience for most of them. In addition, horses are my favourite animals and I think I would enjoy spend a few days with them too. Another reason is that I´ve never been in Burma and I don´t know anything about their culture, cooking, events, etc... and I think learn more about all this things would be fantastic for me.

    1. Thanks for´s the first comment on this blog!!
      I reckon they all look good but I´d probably choose Burma too. I´ve travelled in that region, just not to Burma itself. I wonder what everybody else thinks...